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Stay Safe when Playing Baskeball

basketball ring

The passion for basketball can be seen in the asphalt courts in the inner cities and high school and university gymnasiums. Basketball is a top sport for millions of teenagers across the country. Unfortunately, accidents do happen as people go about their exercises or sporting matches. It is hard to find a basketball player who has never experienced an injury. Basketball can be played all year-round and indoors as players are exposed to repetitive stress injuries such as tendonitis. Here are insights from our basketball blog.


basketballWhat Makes Basketball Important?

Few basketball injuries are threatening to life. Cases of concussions, broken bones and ligament tears can be quite serious. While the pain from playing basketball seems noble, over a long period, it can advance into muscle and joint complications. Most players experience sprained ankles, alongside broken fingers, broken noses or poked eyes. When enjoying an outdoor game, you are exposed to abrasions. Indoor playing presents hazards such as bleachers, walls and players bound to collisions and rebounds.


The Right Gear

All you need to get started in a basketball game is a ball and two or more people. This does not mean you do not need special gear when merely having fun. Before going out to court, here are some steps worth considering:

  • Basketball sneakers – You can reduce leg, ankle and foot injuries by wearing the right shoes. To achieve greater support, some players go for the high-top sneakers. Most basketball shoes comprise of sturdy soles resistant to skids and come at the right sizes. Do not play basketball with open-toed shoes, heels or clogs as it’s just ridiculous.
  • Athletic support – You do not need to wear protective cups unless the league demands it. An excellent athletic supporter will run down the court while jostling for the net. Girls should use a sports bra for convenience. Athletic shorts can be worn beneath regular basketball shorts for comfort.
  • Mouthguard – Several youth leagues require their players to have mouth guards. Those who lack should instead wear one to safeguard themselves from broken teeth or mouth injuries.
  • Extra gear – Players with sunglasses wearing contacts will opt for protective eyewear made of durable plastic. Those with prior injuries can use tools such as ankles, wrist braces or fitted knees.


Where You can Play

A normal basketball game starts at two players and can go to 10. You can enjoy the sport in a cramped up space such as a driveway, gym, court or barnyard. Take time to inspect your court before starting your game and ensure it remains free of broken glass, debris and loose gravel. Court surfaces with holes, cracks and other irregularities result in twisted and sprained ankles.


basketball refereeConclusion

When playing out at night ensure the court is properly lit area that guarantees your safety. An indoor court will provide adequate distance between its outer edges and the surrounding walls. The stands should have paddings to safeguard the payers from collisions in the event they happen to lose their balance. Extra equipment such as gym bags and balls should be carefully stored. That way they cannot interfere with any players chasing after a loose ball.