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7 Ways of Preventing Drug and Substance Abuse Among the Youth


While it is impossible to prevent any individual from using drugs, there are steps we can take to avoid abuse of alcohol or drugs. This information can be shared with those close by to prevent them from getting onto addiction.

Here are some of the top ways of preventing drug and substance abuse:

1. Confront Peer Pressure

The biggest impediment to teenage drug use is peer pressure. No one wants to be left out today. Both teenagers and adults find themselves in situations where they are doing things that are unpleasant. The argument championed is the desire to fit into society. In such cases, you are forced to find better groups of friends that will not exert undue pressure into doing harmful activities.

The best form of self-control has the fortitude and courage to say no. As teenagers, you should have a good plan or excuse to prevent yourself from falling into tempting situations.

2. Confront Life Pressures

People who are overburdened and overworked fall into a situation where they feel deserve to be rewarded. Eventually, drugs only result in stressful situations. As of now, not many realize this discrepancy. Regular exercising, reading books, volunteering or content creation are reasonable steps in the right direction. A positive and calm attitude is a powerful trick for drug prevention.

3. Seek Assistance from Mental-Related Illnesses

Substance abuse and mental illness are not far off. Those who have mental illness will turn to drugs to ease off their suffering. For intake, depression, anxiety or PTSD conditions require the individual to seek medical treatment from a professional. If they are unable to navigate through this trying time, substance abuse will be very appealing.

4. Examine Your Risk Factor

When aware of the environmental, biological and physical risk factors, you are in a better position to find real-time solutions. If your family has a history of drug and substance abuse, the social setting will be a trap. A surrounding that glorifies drinking is difficult to shake off.

5. Maintain a Well-Balanced Diet

People consume drugs when trying to distance themselves from the stressful parts of their lives. Another cause can be unhappiness. When living your life, focus on the big picture and have your priorities in order.

6. Education

When it comes to drug and substance abuse, knowledge is power. In most curriculum around the world, courses in drug and substance abuse are mandatorily embedded in the syllabus. Some people use drugs without having a real idea of the consequences.

Legal drugs, such as designer drugs or pain medication, can have adverse effects when abused. No matter the category of classification, only use drugs under the recommendation or prescription of a medical expert.

7. Ask for Help

In the spirit of helping one another, we should never let one of our family members or friends experience a situation of mental breakdown alone. If they do not get the right support and encouragement to get through this hard time, chances are they might seek refuge in chemically inducing substances.