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Stay Safe when Playing Baskeball

basketball ring

The passion for basketball can be seen in the asphalt courts in the inner cities and high school and university gymnasiums. Basketball is a top sport for millions of teenagers across the country. Unfortunately, accidents do happen as people go about their exercises or sporting matches. It is hard to find a basketball player who has never experienced an injury. Basketball can be played all year-round and indoors as players are exposed to repetitive stress injuries such as tendonitis. Here are insights from our basketball blog.


basketballWhat Makes Basketball Important?

Few basketball injuries are threatening to life. Cases of concussions, broken bones and ligament tears can be quite serious. While the pain from playing basketball seems noble, over a long period, it can advance into muscle and joint complications. Most players experience sprained ankles, alongside broken fingers, broken noses or poked eyes. When enjoying an outdoor game, you are exposed to abrasions. Indoor playing presents hazards such as bleachers, walls and players bound to collisions and rebounds.


The Right Gear

All you need to get started in a basketball game is a ball and two or more people. This does not mean you do not need special gear when merely having fun. Before going out to court, here are some steps worth considering:

  • Basketball sneakers – You can reduce leg, ankle and foot injuries by wearing the right shoes. To achieve greater support, some players go for the high-top sneakers. Most basketball shoes comprise of sturdy soles resistant to skids and come at the right sizes. Do not play basketball with open-toed shoes, heels or clogs as it’s just ridiculous.
  • Athletic support – You do not need to wear protective cups unless the league demands it. An excellent athletic supporter will run down the court while jostling for the net. Girls should use a sports bra for convenience. Athletic shorts can be worn beneath regular basketball shorts for comfort.
  • Mouthguard – Several youth leagues require their players to have mouth guards. Those who lack should instead wear one to safeguard themselves from broken teeth or mouth injuries.
  • Extra gear – Players with sunglasses wearing contacts will opt for protective eyewear made of durable plastic. Those with prior injuries can use tools such as ankles, wrist braces or fitted knees.


Where You can Play

A normal basketball game starts at two players and can go to 10. You can enjoy the sport in a cramped up space such as a driveway, gym, court or barnyard. Take time to inspect your court before starting your game and ensure it remains free of broken glass, debris and loose gravel. Court surfaces with holes, cracks and other irregularities result in twisted and sprained ankles.


basketball refereeConclusion

When playing out at night ensure the court is properly lit area that guarantees your safety. An indoor court will provide adequate distance between its outer edges and the surrounding walls. The stands should have paddings to safeguard the payers from collisions in the event they happen to lose their balance. Extra equipment such as gym bags and balls should be carefully stored. That way they cannot interfere with any players chasing after a loose ball.


Top Yoga Benefits that You Should Know


If you are considering to nrolling in a yoga training program, then it is good to note that you think of a good thing. This is because there are several benefits associated with the best yoga training program. They range from relieving stress, enabling you to develop that killer body shape that every woman will want to have, boosting your brain power, and also enhancing your wellbeing.

So before you start thinking of Choosing a Yoga Teacher Training, it is good to understand some of these benefits in detail. Here are some of the benefits that you are likely to enjoy from yoga training.

Relieve from Stress

Stress is a common problem that many people experience around the world. If you are also going through the same and you not sure how to solve the problem, then you might want to consider giving yoga a try. Research has shown that regular exercises help people with depression feel better. This is attributed to the fact that yoga training leads to the production of a chemical called oxytocin that is responsible for bringing happiness.

Back pain Treatment

Yoga is also good for people who suffer from back pain. In most cases, people suffer from back pain because they sit too much or they do not engage in regular exercises. If you also have problems with your back, then yoga can be of great help to you. Studies that have been done by different agencies in the world has shown that yoga is effective in treating chronic pain.

Perfect Shape

shapeIt is impossible to find people who are active in a yoga class suffering from obesity. Yoga is an engaging activity that is supposed to help people shade of the excess weight. It helps to burn a considerable amount of calories. Yoga is considered the best option for people who want to prevent obesity because once you are used to it, you will find it enjoyable and this means that you will never get bored with it.

Lead a Healthy Life

Yoga is essential for people who want to lead a healthy life. This is because it has been proved to fight many diseases including arthritis, insomnia, heart diseases, depression and so one. The benefits are even extended to your brain making it necessary for people who want to further their studies. If you are an armature in the yoga thing, then it will be prudent to make sure that you choose the right training program for more efficient results.


How Can Listening to Music Improve Your Health?

enjoying the music

A lot has been said about the power of music. In most cases, it has looked at as a special gift that never stops giving because it can pick you up when in the lowest of doldrums. Music unifies people. It makes good moments extraordinary. The list of wonders of music also includes numerous health benefits that people rarely think about with regard to its power.


Pain Relief

You do not have to embark on medication each time you are in physical pain. Put on your favorite music instead, and you will be surprised at how effective it is when it comes to pain relief. Music triggers the release of therapeutic hormones. The hormones sooth your nervous system and palliate the pain by cutting off the biochemicals that carry the pain related messages to your brain – clearing off the physical pain at an instance or gradually depending on how uplifting you find the music that’s playing.

Brain Health

There are areas of the brain that jump to life whenever you listen to your kind of music. This is a phenomenon that can be explained from the emotional perspective given that music has a way of putting us in a certain mood. In your case, for instance, you will note that listening to the top albums of 2008 remind you of specific things, time, people or circumstances. What follows in these instances is a powerful mix of emotions that lights up various sections of your brain that are usually dormant. To this extent, researchers have identified music as a formidable brain power booster with positive effects on memory restoration.

Anxiety Relief

listening to music

It is rare to hear that someone has died of anxiety. This does not mean that anxiety should be taken lightly. It is often pointed out as a predisposing factor to an array of health complications, and it can also have diverse effects on how you react to treatment regimens. Research shows that the distraction caused by music is an effective way to deal with anxiety for the benefits of attaining better health. This explains why some conventional treatment processes incorporate music therapies.

Physical Health Fitness

You are likely to exercise more while listening to music – explaining why most gym activities are done in the backdrop of loud music. Action and music are intertwined in ways that people are yet to understand. This means that you can always take on music to spice up your workout regimen to attain impressive health and fitness results. There are more answers to the question that hinges on how can listening to music improve your health – but many of them are yet to be clearly understood, hence the wise thing to do is to make music your trusted health companion at all times.

Symptomatic Depression

Behaviorists use music to study how the human mood spectrum works. People with emotional problems and adverse mood-related ailments are often treated using antidepressants or music therapy sessions in many conventional health establishments as a result of research findings that behavioral sciences have unearthed over the years. Human development has been closely related to music for the simple reason that music has a way of keeping the hormonal balance that one needs for physical and emotional development with a touch of health benefits.